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You know, I think my hair is receding. I'm not completely sure, but since I always keep my hair fairly long, I'm not sure how far back my hair line was years ago. It has gotten thinner since highschool for sure but all over my head.. not just typical balding areas.. Bleh.. I dont want to go bald. Bald is only cool when youre a short buff british guy who makes amazing movies. Or bruce willis.


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I have always enjoyed buying headphones.. I like the way they look, I like the way they sound, I like just having them. I have a bunch of pairs that I use or don't and I dont even have an MP3 device. If you are looking for some GREAT headphones.. Look up WESC headphones.. they are pretty nice.

Finding what you need

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I am usually trying to decide what is more important, Doing what you want, or doing what you need. Usually when you do what you need to or should do, you are left with the afterthought that you should have done what you wanted. This seems to lead to unhappiness, but you did what you needed to. And in the same breath is what you want, really what you should do? And how do we know what we need. We always know what we want but how do we know what is best for us in the long run. In short.. Im confused at life right now.

Goals and Ambitions

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I tend to think of myself as a goal-less. But today I remembered I do actually have a few. They may be small but I think important since they are the only goals I currently possess.

Ball pit. I want a ball pit in my house. Ball pits were my favorite thing when I was a kid. Its like swimming, but you can always breathe. How will I do this you ask? Well first you have to own your own house. (This goal is bigger than I thought.) Then you have to have a spare room. You install a Dutch entrance door on the room. That is this.

Then you simply leave the bottom one shut and fill the room with balls, which I may add are not cheap. But this thing is a goal and i think it would be awesome. I want the deepest ball pit I've ever been in!

Car. I have an old car that I REALLY want to restore. The thing is beautiful. I bought it for 500 bucks 2 years ago and havent been able to do anything with it. Its a 1972 Buick centurion. Never heard of it? thats because its rare! I eventually want it to be in almost new condition. Here is a picture of it in its current condition.

So those two things are my current goals. They may be small but a goal is a goal and I'm glad that I actually have one. Family and wife will come in eventually but thats something that will just happen.

What english sounds like to everyone else.

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This has to be what english sounds like to the rest of the world. Its amazing and I really cant stop watching it. It adds a little happiness to anyone's day.


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During the most of my life I have never kept a journal. My dad made me when I was young but other than that, nothing. This seems like a good way to document my thoughts and whatever the crap else I want to write.

Life is an intrestingly horrible thing sometimes. You do everything you can to make yourself happy. For months on end you strive for happiness but never fully make it there. You take preventative measures to make sure things dont go bad. You choose to stay in right field so nobody hits the hardball of misery to your direction. However you eventually get a left handed batter who does everything he can to smack the ball to you. I think sports are pointless, so I dont know why I chose to make a baseball analogy. I mean really, getting round objects from one location to another is worth paying people millions of dollars a year? People base Thanksgiving around a television set so they can induldge in rediculous man on man ball throwing action. Anyway, I degress.

We try to be happy and for some reason many of us can't. The world is chuck full of negativity and we choose dwell on it. I know I do. We cant trust anyone we cant talk to anyone without fear of being backstabbed. I have one friend that I know I can trust. How do people have many? Do you know what its like to not trust even your own family? Maybe you do or maybe you dont. It would just be nice to have people to talk to who wont be talking smack about you to their other friends. .... this is starting to feel like rant page not blog page.. But whatever its MAH BLAWG. Anyway I have hours of life to rant about. Ill talk later.